There are the 4 Most Frequent Workplace Injuries

Work injuries can occur with any profession, not just those involving heavy lifting and high risks. They vary from minor to fatal and occur more or less frequently, depending on the nature of the working environment. Both safety inspectors and health experts are constantly trying to minimize the risk of an injury happening, but sometimes they are unavoidable.

In case you ever become a victim of a workplace injury, it’s important to immediately seek a respectable workplace injury attorney like the Workers Compensation Lawyer Group. If the accident that led to your injury happened at work, you are most likely eligible for workers’ compensation whether you were responsible or not.

Dangerous accident in warehouse during work – wounded worker

In this article, we are going to list some of the most common workplace injuries workers’ compensation attorneys hear about most often.

Falling Injuries

A cluttered workplace often accounts for a large portion of falling injuries. To prevent this from happening, workers need to keep their work posts organized to avoid accidentally slipping and falling, which could lead to serious injuries and even fatal outcomes. If the ground at your workplace is slippery, you should wear slip-resistant footwear or ask your employer to obtain a protective floor coating.

Falling to a lower level is a more severe form of these accidents. To prevent them, workers must check whether the ladders are safe and properly positioned. The same goes for scaffolding. It has to be regularly double-checked and properly maintained. Your employer must appoint a safety advisor to make sure these checks are conducted.

Bodily Reactions

Similarly to the previous entry, bodily reactions occur after a slipping accident that does not result in a fall, but rather cause foot, knee or ankle injuries. Again, the best way to prevent these injuries is to keep your workplace tidy and frequently maintained. Clutter such as scattered work tools can result in a worker tripping and possibly come down with this type of injury.

Workers who spend their work hours sitting or by a computer are also at risk of various back and neck injuries as well as hand injuries such as the carpal tunnel syndrome or others listed here: Workers who are at risk of these injuries need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise in order to minimize the risk of a bodily reaction as a result of poor posture.


Workers who are often required to lift, throw, hold, push or pull heavy objects are at risk of suffering from overexertion. This is by far one of the most common workplace injuries. The best way to prevent workers suffering from overexertion is to provide the adequate heavy lifting tools.

However, the reality is that not all companies can afford this expensive equipment. If the company cannot provide the workers with the proper equipment, the employees have to go through routine medical checkups to determine whether working with a heavy load can prove to be a risk. Apart from that, the workers need to be familiar with proper heavy lifting techniques.

Getting Hit

Another common workplace injury comes from being struck by a falling object like a piece of equipment, tool or construction material. To prevent these injuries, workers must wear their protective equipment like face shields and hard hats at all times. The materials used for construction should be properly stacked and secured to prevent falling or collapsing.

Furthermore, workers should avoid standing under cranes, heavy machinery and hoists when they are being used. To prevent being accidentally hit by vehicles or construction machinery, workers must wear visible clothes. Finally, the vehicles should be regularly inspected for any issues.