Seven Things to do When you are Accused of Sexual Assault

If you are in a situation wherein someone is accusing you of sexual assault, what would you do?

Today, sexual harassment is a very common occurrence happening to people of both genders. However, not all of these cases are true. Sometimes, accusations happen because of an underlying motive from the person who’s playing as the victim. Their reasons could vary, but falsely accusing someone of a crime they didn’t do is certainly unacceptable. If you have been falsely accused of sexual assault, here are seven things that you can do to save yourself:

  1. Consider the level of dilemma you are in.

Know the possible outcomes of the situation you are in. Not considering this will surprise you eventually. If you remain neglectful of the situation, you might find yourself facing legal charges that you’ve thought were harmless before.

  1. Hire an attorney.

Appointing an attorney who specializes in sexual assault cases will be a logical move on your part. If you are searching for the best legal advice, you can seek aid from an Orlando criminal attorney.By doing so, you will be able to protect yourself from the false accusations addressed to you since an attorney can guide you on what legal actions you should follow.

  1. Be ready to spend a lot of money.

Wrong accusations could be the downfall of a person. If you are a victim, don’t tolerate your bullies from manipulating the authorities. As much as possible, you should be willing to spend on a psychological testing and a polygraph test in order to provide evidence on the court. Although these areexpensive, these could ultimately save you if you are proven to be incapable of sexual misconduct.

  1. Arm yourself with the basics.

Educating yourself about your situation could be beneficial. After all, being ignorant of the situation could put you in a vulnerable spot. Thus, you should learn as much as you can since you can easily be manipulated if you don’t.

  1. Create a timeline of events.

Since the day of your accusation, make a timeline of events. Having a complete record of events can be useful when an authority begins asking you questions. Plus, being able to answer accurately and consistently can boost your confidence.

  1. Make a witness list.

Think about all the people you deem as a witness. Gather their basic information and write in details their claims. Don’t hesitate including the bad witnesses too. Sometimes, they can provide valuable information that you can use against your accuser.

  1. Brace yourself.

It’s important that you don’t lose your cool when you are interacting with the authorities and the accuser. Although it’s understandable to get mad since you are the real victim of the case, always remain calm. Be wary of the comments you’ll say since this could really hamper your chances of winning the case.

If you are about to defend yourself fromafalse sexual accusation, apply these ways and you’ll surely get the justice that you deserve.