How to Find the Best Defence Lawyer, Jordan Donich

Regardless of how you got to where you are, you will need an attorney to help you get out. But, not just any attorney will be able to plead your case. You’re going to need the best.

Someone with expertise in criminal defence, be it theft, shoplifting, domestic assault, impaired driving, child pornography or something else. The best lawyer will have a proven track record.

Your situation can be overwhelming and you may be worried about how it will all play out. You will have questions and will need honest answers from an attorney.

Yet, not every law firm is the same. The advertising, blogs and websites for Toronto lawyers can be confusing. They all promise a good outcome for your case but how do you know who you can trust?

My digging ultimately led me to Jordan Donich. In my case I was looking for a domestic assault lawyer, but, your specific issue might be different. Everyone should ultimately make their own decision about their lawyer.  You can get Jordan and his team at, 416-DEFENCE or visit his website:

Here are some tips on how to wade through the promises and find your way to the best lawyer to represent you:

  1. Reviews – Finding out what others say about the firm or the lawyer can give you some insight into the quality of representation they can offer. There are a number of sites and social media platforms where you can find reviews including Yelp, Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn.
  2. Credentials – Their education and years of experience will matter. This information can also be found online, either at the firm’s website or on a social media platform like LinkedIn.
  3. Media – Search out any appearances the lawyer has made in the news or local papers. This can give you insight into their character, expertise and what types of cases they have worked on before.
  4. Recommendation – If you know a lawyer who has a practice in another area ask them for their opinion or recommendation.
  5. Seek advice – Consider asking someone you trust for their advice. Maybe they have been in a similar situation and can offer you some guidance? Perhaps they even know a top-notch attorney they would recommend? It never hurts to ask.
  6. Consultation – Lawyers usually offer to meet with a potential client so that you can get a better idea to see who they are and what they offer. Best part is these meetings are often free.