Getting Justice After Your Car Accident

If you have been in a car accident, the first priority is to get well. Your second priority should be to get paid. Seeking compensation for an accident that was not your fault is not an act of greed; it is an act of justice. Careless and negligent drivers should be made to pay for what they have done. A car accident costs—in expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and a host of other problems and difficulties. If you have been the victim of such an accident, you need not shoulder the tremendous financial and emotional burden alone. Working with a car accident attorney Chicago can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Making A Rightful Claim

A civil suit is the means by which one citizen settles a legitimate grievance against another. It is one of the best tools in law in that it gives individuals the right to hold others accountable for the damage they’ve caused.

According to Illinois law, you can sue for the following expenses and damages:

• Medical bills
• Lost income
• Future medical bills and care
• Pain and suffering
• Disfigurement
• Loss of consortium
• Property damage
• Emotional injury
• Wrongful Death
• Harm to one’s reputation

You may also be awarded punitive damages. This is money awarded to you on top of what you are given for medical bills, lost income, etc. Punitive damages are a way of acknowledging the wrongdoing of the party you’re suing; it also serves as a deterrent to the kind of behavior that led to your injury. You should not be shy about asking for punitive damage, especially if you are convinced that the person driving the other car was reckless.

Why You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

You must, however, prove your case. An attorney specialized in personal injury law is the one most likely to get you the result you want.

There is an entire process by which evidence is collected, examined, evaluated, and presented as proof of wrongdoing on the part of the respondent. A personal injury lawyer will be able to gather the relevant facts, engage the right forensic experts, and conduct the kind of analysis of the conditions and circumstances of the accident that will prove your case.

Intelligence, insight, experience, and aggressiveness are the hallmarks of a good personal injury lawyer. They are what you want as you pursue the lawsuit. They are what you will need as you seek justice.

Getting Justice

You want nothing more than a just outcome. In this case, it must take the form of money. Most personal injury lawsuits do not go to trial. However, your attorney must still go through a process of negotiating a settlement. This requires skill, sharpness, and sagacity on the part of the person representing you. The amount of money you ultimately receive will depend a great deal on the quality of your representation. You should not take chances with this sort of thing. You should work only with a personal injury attorney who has a proven record of getting excellent results.