Tips for Nailing a Job Interview

Have you decided to take the next step in your career? Perhaps you’ve identified a position within your current company or have set your sights on a position with an entirely new company. Either way, it’s critical to brush up on interview basics in order to nail the job interview and leave with an offer. Follow these recommendations from the professional search firms and you’ll secure an offer in no time!

The interview is a two way street.  The mere fact that you have an interview scheduled means that the hiring manager has determined, from your resume, that your experience and credentials meet the criteria for the position. The interview is to determine if your demeanor and drive are compatible with the culture of the company in question. Putting your best foot forward is critical. First impressions in an interview can guide the direction of the entire meeting. Remember the basics of eye contact, firm handshakes, body language and respectful conversation skills. Research the company in earnest. This is your opportunity to ask questions about the position, the company and its products or services.

The most important thing to wear to an interview is a genuine smile and quiet self-confidence. Select clothes that are professional and in keeping with the industry standards of the company you’re interviewing with. Leave the loud prints and excessive make up for the weekend. They’re not appropriate for a job interview. You can certainly maintain your own identity and express yourself through your wardrobe choices, just don’t go wild.  That could kill an interview. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and check out the awesome selection of interview appropriate choices at LOFT.

Finally, remind yourself that this is also an opportunity for you to decide if this is the company or department you’d like to work for. Did you have a positive sense of the hiring manager? Is the actual position in line with your career goals? Ask these hard questions before accepting a new job offer. Best of luck to you!