The law Of Obedience And the Law Of Success From the 11 Forgotten Laws: Bullet-Point Overview

Have you ever heard of The secret and The law Of Attraction? Most likely your answer would be Yes.

However, do you know that there are 10 other Laws which have to operate together harmoniously for the Law of Attraction to function at its optimum? All these Laws are introduced by Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey in a comprehensive Program called the 11 Forgotten Laws.

This article gives an overview of the tenth and eleventh Laws from the 11 Forgotten Laws, The law of Obedience and the Law of Success, explaining what is it and what else will you get when you invest in Bob Proctor’s 11 Forgotten Laws Program.

The Law Of Obedience

The Law of Obedience says all the Laws work in their own ways and they can’t be changed, regardless of what we want and believe in and notwithstanding whether we agree or not. When we are aware of the Laws and we respect them, then we can act in alignment with them. By doing so, we attract the things we desire into our lives. Be obedient to the laws of the universe. Work with them, don’t try to change them. Instead, change yourself.

We are given the desire and the tools to create. But due to our lack of wisdom, we don’t have access to the knowledge of how to do it. Hence, we should first learn and practice, then we will find a way to work in harmony with the Laws.

The skills taught in the Law of Obedience program include: –

Learn how to bring things into alignment by differentiating between Nature vs Normal.
Discover a 2-minute fix of how not to violate this Law.
Understand why the big problems that you face may be a good thing for you.
The Law Of Success

In whatever you do, you will get a result. Whether it’s a good or a bad result, it is still a result. And that is called a “success”. But it may not be a success you want, if you do things poorly, do unhealthy things, do things that make you poor, do things that lack quality.

The Law of Success says do not blame others – how your life has turned out is because you have successfully attracted it through your responses, the choices you make and the actions you take. Be careful what you ask for – because you will get it.

The Law of Success program equips you with the ability to succeed when you learn the following: –

Learn how to use the Prickly Nest secret to disrupt negative thoughts.
Learn how to focus on your goals despite your past mistakes and failures to achieve them.

The Law of Obedience and the Law of Success are two of 11 Universal Laws that silently govern our lives. These laws impart order and harmony to the Universe. We must obey these laws in order to succeed. When we know and learn about these laws, we can successfully integrate them into our lives. I hope you find this overview beneficial.