5 Practical Reasons Why Law Firms Need Call Tracking


A law firm like any other business, needs a steady stream of clients to support and help the business to grow. Similarly, law firms, like the majority of other businesses, benefit greatly from using call tracking.

In fact Call Tracking has improved the return on investment (ROI) for a number of UK law firms using SEO and PPC to promote their businesses online.

Surge of Web Searches for Legal Inquiries

There is virtually no limit on the things that you can search online. Web searches related to legal matters are among the top searches people type into the search box. In fact, there is a continued upward trend in searches for personal injury, conveyancing, divorce and other family law topics. Therefore it is a pretty safe bet to suggest that a fool-proof online marketing strategy is a must for all legal firms.

The introduction of the Jackson reforms in the UK in 2013 dramatically changed the way in which legal firms generated leads. The changes signalled a new era for law firms, as they were forced to rethink in order to secure new business, as the ‘no win, no fee’ model was completely turned on its head.

How Can Law Firms Benefit from Call Tracking?

1.Get Qualified Leads

Call tracking gives you leads of unprecedented accuracy, meaning there is a greater chance of securing new client’s. Call tracking also help you rank your leads according to priority. Because of this no call or enquiry from a potential client will be left unanswered. As a result, the return on investment will come sooner than later.

2.Improve Lead Intake

Regardless of the volume of leads, getting new clients will still depend on how you handle calls. In short, this is where you make or break the deal.

Using call tracking tools, you can efficiently handle all incoming leads from phone calls. In addition, innovative and powerful automation allows you to manage these leads with a very minimal chance of failure.

3.Tracking Conversion

Call tracking allows you to see and manage your conversions and successfully convert the leads into clients.


4.Building Better Customer Relations

People seek legal advice for a reason. More often than not, they are looking for help and are in the middle of a stressful situation. If calls from potential customers are not answered due to poor call management, there is every possibility they might look for another law firm.

Therefore, taking in all calls is always good for business. Law firms must have call tracking management to avoid opportunity losses. As a result, answering all phone calls will be doable and sustainable.

5.Enhance Client Retention

Similar to other businesses, law firms must be resilient and adaptive to any changes. Believe it or not, not being able to cope with economic changes can break a formidable firm.

Ensure that you can keep up with change by treasuring your retainers. Add more clients and keep all your existing customers at the same time.

How can you do this? It’s pretty simple, all you need to do is use call tracking to monitor what they need.

No wonder, most law firms prefer powerful call tracking software to improve the solicitor-client relationship.