“Writing well is no longer a pending task” is the slogan of which the lectures on Effective Writing for professionals offers The UNITE (International University of La Rioja) are presented. Taught by Miguel Janer, journalist, writer, television presenter and collaborator in the UNED, the sessions are now primarily practiced online. In nine classes, Janer explains […]

Since the cheque is intended to substitute money, people should have trust inside it. Therefore the actual United Arab-speaking Emirates penal regulation levied the punishment towards anyone giving insufficient money its deadline. Such the crime is called the rebound cheque criminal offense. However, some requirements should be found inside a cheque to be able to […]

The provisions from the Company Regulation concerning liquidation should be applied unless the business’s Memorandum or even Articles associated with Association give a specific process of its liquidation, upon resolving the business’s dissolution a good agreement is actually reached between your partners regarding its liquidation-n process. Upon the actual dissolution of the company, it is […]

The dissolution of the marriage is really a legal act that could not coincide using the emotional ripping asunder. Divorce is usually a unpleasant process for those concerned. While it will take adults time for you to regain mental equilibrium, there’s also a threat to become involved inside a court continuing claiming with regard to […]